The Guelph Storm Hockey Club has a proud tradition of academic excellence.  Following each Ontario Hockey League Season, the OHL selects one player from all team nominees as the OHL Scholastic Player of the Year and presents the Bobby Smith Trophy.  In the Guelph Storm’s twenty-one year history, a player from the organization has been honoured with the Bobby Smith Trophy five times.

Former OHL Bobby Smith Award winners include three players that spent their entire junior career in Guelph.  Current Los Angeles King captain Dustin Brown was a three-time Bobby Smith Award Winner (2001, 2002, 2003) and CHL Scholastic Player of the Year (2003).  Former Calgary Flame Jamie Wright earned the award in 1994-95.  Manny Malhotra of the Vancouver Canucks was the Bobby Smith Award winner in 1997-98.

SCHOLASTIC AWARDS… Following the 2014-15 season Storm goaltender Justin Nichols was the recipient of the OHL’s Roger Neilson Award for outstanding achievement in a post-secondary institution.  Nichols is the third Storm player in six years to capture the coveted award joining Kyle Pereira and Tim Priamo, who won following the 2011-12 and 2008-09 seasons respectively. In 2012-13 former Storm forward Adam Craevich won the Ivan Tennant Award, given to the top academic high school player.

Nichols was one of several Guelph Storm players attending secondary and post-secondary institutions that were recognized on-ice at selected games on a rotating monthly basis as the Guelph Storm’s Academic Player of the Month. These monthly winners are also nominated for the Guelph Storm’s Scholastic Player of the Year at the conclusion of each season.

A ROLE MODEL FRANCHISE… The Guelph Storm under the direction of Education Consultants Colleen Driscoll (Secondary School) and Shari Dorr (Post-Secondary School), is continually recognized as a role model franchise in the Canadian Hockey League for their continued development of players in the classroom, as well as on the ice. 

TRAVEL SCHEDULE… Centrally located off the 401, only 45 minutes northwest of Toronto, only three of nineteen Guelph Storm opponents are located more than four hours from Guelph.  As a result, during each regular season Guelph Storm players will spend less than seven nights away from their billet homes during road trips, including only two, or three ‘school nights’.  This ideal road schedule guarantees that Storm players will miss a minimum of school dates.

LEARNING AND STUDY CENTRE… Located Inside the Guelph Storm Hockey area on the premises of the Sleeman Centre is a study area for the use of Guelph Storm players.  This area includes two desktop computers with high-speed internet access for research or long-distance education.  This study area is available to Guelph Storm players from 7 am—10 pm each day throughout the year.

EDUCATION WHILE PLAYING IN THE OHL… The Ontario Hockey League values and respects the commitments made by both players and families to the League and their teams. It is the intent of the Ontario Hockey League to support the student athletes with the very best learning environment. In this way, it is hoped that every athlete may achieve his personal educational goals.

WHILE PLAYING IN THE OHL, every player is on a full scholarship which covers tuition, complusory fees, textbooks, room and board are paid by his OHL Member Team.

SECONDARY SCHOOL EDUCATION… With direction from the Guelph Storm’s Secondary School Education Consultant, Storm players complete their secondary education at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School.  Located only two kilometres from the Sleeman Centre the short trip from school to hockey is an easy one.  CLICK TO VISIT ONLINE

POST SECONDARY EDUCATION… As players complete their secondary education, they are encouraged by the team to continue their studies at a post secondary institution under the direction of the Guelph Storm’s Post-Secondary Education Consultant.  Several Guelph Storm players earn post-secondary credits by studying locally at the University of Guelph or Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Others pursue distance education or professional training options that meet their individual needs.

UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH… In the annual Macleans magazine university issue, the University of Guelph is regularly among the top ranked comprehensive universities in Canada.  The University of Guelph is less than two kilometres from the Sleeman Centre.  CLICK TO VISIT ONLINE

CONESTOGA COLLEGE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND ADVANCED LEARNING… Ranked # 1 College in Ontario nine of the last ten years by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities.  CLICK TO VISIT ONLINE

THE OHL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM… Once a player graduates from the OHL, he will receive a minimum scholarship of tuition, textbooks and compulsory fees towards an undergraduate degree for each year played in the Ontario Hockey League.

The OHL Scholarship can be applied to a program that is different than a traditional university or college four-year undergraduate degree / diploma program such as a Technical or Trade School, Firefighting or EMS.

The OHL Scholarship Program is administered through the league office.

Other scholarship criteria to note:

At the conclusion of a player’s junior eligibility the player has 18 months to access his scholarship therefore allowing him to play minor professional hockey.

A player’s scholarship may be utilized at any recognized university / college in the world.

Last season 18 former Storm players played university hockey in Canada and received scholarship funding from the Guelph Storm or other OHL clubs.

Over our 20 year history well over 100 former players have graduated from the Guelph Storm to attend universities or colleges across Canada and the United States with the assistance of their OHL Scholarship.  The majority of these student-athletes have played hockey at their post-secondary institution.  After earning their university degree, or college diploma, many players have moved to professional hockey to continue their career on the ice.

Guelph Storm responsibilities…

    * The Guelph Storm will incur all educational costs of players including tuition, room, books and board while playing for the team
    * that our Education Consultants will be available for all players and families
    * that all educational needs will be addressed promptly and strategies developed to ensure academic success for all players
    * that practice time will be scheduled around regular school days and hours
    * that all players be offered the opportunity to complete their academic program in Guelph when the season finishes
    * that regular communication occurs between our two education advisors and Guelph Storm management.
Player responsibilities:

    * that all players adhere to the Guelph Storm’s Education Policy
    * that all players be expected to attend high school until graduation
    * that all players enrolled in educational programs are expected to participate fully in all classes and strive to maintain a passing grade
    * that all players be encouraged to pursue post-secondary pathways