Storm Trackers Fan Club




The Storm Tracker Club was formed to help promote fan participation, in Guelph and the surrounding area. Our most important role in the Storm Organization is to present the Educational Award once a month to the member of the team with the Paul Fendley Award and to the overall winner. They will be the Storm’s nominee for the league’s Bobby Smith Award. This award is based on his academic performance in High School.

The Storm Trackers are glad to see so many familiar faces about the arena. We are looking forward to seeing many new members as well. This will be another great winter of OHL Hockey in Guelph!

Come visit us at the Tracker Table for more information! We are located on the concourse behind sections 101-102.

This year, the Shriner’s will join us in our jersey draws!
Half of the profits from these draws will be donated to Hopewell Children’s Home & the Guelph Drop In Centre.

Thank you for your continued support!


2015-2016 Guelph Storm Trackers Executive:

President – Annette Montgomery
Vice President – Al Plat
Treasurer – Jeff Bowman
Secretary – Jeannie Johnston

Gary Gray Sr.
Joanne Skerritt
Sandy Wilson


2015-2016 Strom Tracker Bus Trips:
Please note: All trips must have a minimum of 35 people signed up two weeks prior to the trip. For more information, and to sign up, please visit the Trackers table behind section 101-102 on the concourse.

Dec. 31 – 2015: To Peterborough.
Cost: $60 for Non-Tracker Members.

Feb. 27 – 2016: To Niagara.
Cost: $55 for Non-Tracker Members.

March 19 – 2016: To Flint.
Cost: $75 for Non-Tracker Members.

                                               2015-2016 Storm Trackers Draw Winners    
Storm Game   Tracker Jersey Draw
  Tracker Membership Draw
  Jr. Storm Tracker Draw
Sept 25   Terry Chard   

Not Awarded

  Darcy Wadden
Oct 2   Murray McCall   Not Awarded   Zach Sorbara
Oct 9   Bev Raftis    Sandy Wilson   Collin Buckley
 Oct 16   Not Awarded   Stuart O’Brien    Thomas Warren 
Oct 18    Karen Park   Patti Kostal   Jeremy Currie
 Oct 23   Not Claimed    Stuart O’Brien    Thomas Warren 
 Oct 25    Bev Raftis    Sandi Bowman     Connor Chumbley
 Nov 6    Beth Litchfield    Brian Allen   Miranda 
 Nov 8    Dale McComb   Dale Veale    Kyle Fadoe 
 Nov 20   Elizabeth Turgeon    Nelson Cook    Miranda Garcia 
Nov 21   Pius Simms   Fern Rooke   Avari Johnston
Dec 4   Terry Chard   Alice Shea   Avari Johnston
Dec 6   Nancy Ward   Cheryl Jackson   Kyle Indoe
Dec 11   Ed Noseworthy   Bill Buck   Braydon Chumbley
Dec 13   Aiden Edmonson   Dave Veale   McKenna Sorbara
Dec 19   Tim Park   Sandy Wilson   Braydon Chumbley