2023-24 Season Tickets

PRICE FREEZE! All Guelph Storm tickets prices for the 2023-24 season will be unchanged from 2022-23!  This includes Guelph Storm Regular Price Season Tickets which save every fan $8 per game1 PLUS with our unique refund program you can return any ticket for a full account credit so that you only pay for the games that you’re able to attend2!

1 All Regular Price Season ticket types (eg. Adult, Child, Club, etc) save $8 per game ($272 per season) vs. same type of online tickets.

2 To receive full account credit refund equaling 1/34 of your total season ticket cost per game, simply return any game tickets in person or by email 72 or more hours before the game that you are unable to attend.  This account credit can be applied towards the purchase of season tickets or individual game tickets in future seasons.


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2023-24 Season Ticket Inquiry

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the unique Season Ticket account credit work with ticket returns?

A. Reserve your 2023-24 Season Tickets with $50 per seat deposit. To receive full account credit equal to 1/34 of your 2023/24 season ticket (incl. applicable taxes and license fees), tickets must be returned by emailing or in-person no later than 72 hours before applicable game. Account credit can be applied towards 2024-25 Guelph Storm Season Tickets or single game tickets during 2024-25 season.

Q. How much do I save with Guelph Storm Regular Price Season tickets

A. With 2023-24 Guelph Storm Regular Price Season Tickets, fans will lock up huge savings of $8 per ticket ($272 savings for a full season) for all ticket categories compared to 2023-24 online single game ticket prices.

Q. How do I reserve my 2023-24 Guelph Storm Season Ticket?

A. It’s so EASY! If you would like to pick and pay for your Guelph Storm Season Ticket(s) online, you can do that by visiting anytime. If you would prefer to call our office to pick your seat and arrange payment, you can reach our Box Office at 519-837-9690 ext. 0 during the off-season (Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm).  If you would like to visit our office and tour the Sleeman Centre to view available seats and arrange payment, you can stop by during office hours (Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm) to speak with a member of our team.

Q. Can I reserve my 2023-24 Guelph Storm Season Ticket with a deposit and pay later?

A. You sure can! To reserve your Season Ticket(s), you can pay a $50 per seat non-refundable deposit.  Regular pricing requires $50 per seat non-refundable deposit to reserve your seat and full payment on or before Friday, September 8, 2023.  Accounts without full payment on, or before Friday, September 8, 2023 will be cancelled and $50 non-refundable deposit will be withheld.

Q. What are the ages for different ticket types?

A. Please let our Season Ticket Team know if you qualify for savings with our different age classifications as follows:

  • Senior (60 years of age or older with valid Photo ID)
  • Student (13 years of age or older with valid Student ID)
  • Child (12 years of age and under)
  • Infant (2 years of age and under – must sit on lap)

Q. Do account credits expire for returned ticket

A. No, account credits do not expire.  For any returned season tickets, your account will retain the full value until you have applied the entire balance towards season tickets or individual ticket purchase(s) during a future season.

Q. How much do I receive per ticket as an account credit for returned tickets?

A. Your account credit for returned REGULAR season tickets equals 1/34 of your total cost per game (all listed prices include taxes and applicable license fees):

  • Adult REGULAR Price Single Ticket = $21.75
  • Student / Senior REGULAR Price Single Ticket = $18.50
  • Child REGULAR Price Single Ticket = $11.50
  • Adult Club REGULAR Price Single Ticket = $28.75
  • Student / Senior Club REGULAR Price Single Ticket = $25.25
  • Child Club REGULAR Price Single Ticket = $18.25
  • VIP 200-Level Club REGULAR Price Single Ticket = $39.25

To determine per ticket account credit for EARLY BIRD price season tickets SUBTRACT $1 FROM THE REGULAR PRICE PER GAME TICKET PRICES ABOVE.

To determine per ticket account credit for PAY BY THE MONTH price season tickets ADD $1 TO THE REGULAR PRICE PER GAME TICKET PRICES ABOVE.

Q. Can I receive a cash refund for account credits?

A. Unfortunately not. REGULAR PRICE Season Tickets offer a significant discount of $8 per game based on a 34-game purchase. This discount is based on the ticket buyers commitment to purchase a full-season ticket.  Account credits are not refundable for cash, but if you do not want to apply the credit towards Season Tickets in a future season, you can use the credit to purchase single game tickets.

Q. Once I return a ticket for account credit more than 72 hours before a game, can I change my mind and have the ticket returned?

A. Unfortunately not. Returned tickets will be immediately available for sale to individual ticket buyers. If the ticket is still available and a Season Ticket Holder reconsiders, the ticket will be reclassified as a single game ticket and only eligible to be purchased at the full single ticket price.

Q. Can Restaurant Table Season Tickets be returned for account credit?

A. Yes… and no. All restaurant tables require the purchase of four season tickets per table.  Season Ticket Holders in the Sleeman Centre restaurant are permitted to return all four of their tickets for account credit no less than 72 hours before a game.  However, since we cannot re-sell a “partial table” (i.e. 1, 2 or 3 seats at a table), we cannot provide an account credit for less than four returned tickets for a single game.

Q. Can Luxury Suite Season Tickets be returned for account credit?

A. All Luxury Suite leases require a minimum season ticket purchase equal to the number of fixed seats in your suite.  If you have more season tickets for your suite than required by your lease (ie. more than the number of fixed seats), you can return unused tickets for the “extra” season tickets for account credit that is applicable towards future season tickets or individual ticket purchase(s).  However, if the number of season tickets in your suite equals the number of fixed seats, you cannot return unused tickets for account credit in accordance with your lease.  “Extra” Season Tickets can be returned for account credit equal to $25.89 per ticket.

Q. What do I do with unused Season Tickets if I have missed the 72-hour deadline or I simply want to exchange for extra Redemption Game tickets instead?

A. As always, unused season tickets can be redeemed for additional tickets for our two Guelph Storm Season Ticket Holder Redemption Games with a $2 per ticket (cash only) donation to a local not-for-profit organization (in 2022-23 that charity was KidsAbility Guelph).  Ticket redemption is available for all unused season tickets at any time. This option is always available if you would prefer including after a game has passed as long as the ticket does not scan as USED in our inventory system.

Q. Even though I’ve returned season tickets for full account credit, am I still entitled to all the 2023-24 Season Ticket Holder benefits?

A. Yes! With your purchase of a 2023-24 Season Ticket (Early Bird, Regular or Pay By the Month), you have committed to a ticket value equivalent to a full-season regardless of how many tickets you return for account credit.  Enjoy the games that you can attend. We think it’s time that Season Ticket Holders aren’t penalized for having busy lives and we are happy to share all the 2022-23 Season Ticket Benefits with you.

2023-24 Season Ticket Holder Benefits

Snowbird? Friday Fan? Minor Hockey Family? Whatever fills your calendar doesn’t matter.  With our unique ticket refund program, you can schedule your season tickets around YOUR OWN schedule and save $8 per ticket at the same time!
Return any single season tickets for any game and receive an account credit equal to the per game value of that ticket (including license fees and taxes) that’s redeemable for season tickets or individual tickets in future seasons

With Regular Season Ticket Pricing… every ticket type saves $8 per game per ticket (equals $272 total regular season savings) compared to single game online prices

Manage your season ticket account online to share your season tickets by email or text

During the 2023-24 season can save up to 10% on Sleeman Centre concessions and City of Guelph event parking

Save 10% off all Storm merchandise and apparel

Receive a limited edition gift for FREE

Starting with ROUND 1, save $8 or more PER TICKET vs. regular online prices with the full Playoff Pack

2023-24 Early Bird Season Ticket Prices

Ticket Type

Regular Ticket Price

$8 per ticket less than single game online tickets

Equals full season savings of $272

Adult (100 level) $739.50 (incl $85.08 HST)
Senior (100 level)2 $629.00 (incl $72.36 HST)
Student (100 level)3 $629.00 (incl $72.36 HST)
Child (100 level)4 $391.00 (incl $44.98 HST)
Adult (100 level Club)5 $977.50 (incl $112.46 HST)
Senior (100 level Club)5 $858.50 (incl $94.85 HST)
Student (100 level Club)5 $858.50 (incl $98.77 HST)
Child (100 level Club)5 $620.50 (incl $71.38 HST)
200 Level VIP6 $1334.50 (incl $153.53 HST)
200 Level Suite $880.26 (incl $101.27 HST)