A look at the best Guelph Storm draft picks, by round, over the years

By Tony Saxon,

So who are the best draft picks in Guelph Storm history, by round?

Tuesday night’s post-game conversation with George Burnett about Luka Profaca’s OHL debut got me thinking about that.

To paraphrase, Burnett pointed out that the team thinks they got a pretty good deal in the eighth round when they drafted Profaca this year, and early indications are they certainly might have.

Not a lot of players from the second half of the draft have had much of an impact on the Storm over the years.

I started to wonder about other late-round picks that have made the team.

The prime example, of course, is Ryan Callahan, a 15th rounder in 2001, due in part to injury, size and talk of going the NCAA route.

But also due to the fact that 15 years ago it was still possible to find those hidden gems playing on teams that didn’t get a lot of attention, in Callahan’s case a junior B team in Rochester, N.Y.

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